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The Secret Door to Success

The Secret Door to Success

This Alpha Synapses Programming™ called “The Secret Door to Success” allows you to reprogram your subconscious mind and your brain synapses so that you can tear down the wall to your good. Open the secret door to YOUR success, and walk through it in order to realize your full success potenzial and receive all the good and great that belongs to you!

Just sit or lay comfortably and listen to the audio. It´s relaxing and deeply transformative. Every time you listen to this audio the empowering effect on your subconscious and conscious tangibly deepens.

Length: 18 min.


Alpha Synapses Programming™

Was devleloped by Lissy Götz, a German computer programmer turned healer, from the Black Forest. Anja is one of the first certified practitioners and teachers of Alpha Synapses Programming in Europe and there is no one in the US yet.

Alpha Synapses Programming™ is an healing system that uses language and energy for transformation and integrates ancient healing traditions like that of the Mayans with modern science.It has a transformational effect on our chakras, acupuncture points, the body systems, and on our brain synapses. I combine it also with my intuitive guidance, often channeling information in an audio session pertaining to the topic and its energy field.

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