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From Mind Junk to Mind Magic


From Mind Junk to Mind Magic

This Alpha Synapses Programming™ Audio enables you to turbo-charge your brain to get what your REALLY want, instead of what you don´t want. The main cause for why we do not receive and experience what we truly want, are our habitual, limiting and fearful thoughts and beliefs – the mind junk that has accumulated over the length of our lives.

With this audio you can noticeably reprogram your brain. Each time you are listening,Alpha SP will dissolve layer for layer of the negative beliefs and thought patterns ingrained in your mind that limit and harm you. Instead there will be installed supportive and empowering beliefs and thought patterns, so that the true magic of your mind can expand and attract miracles in your life and work.

Length:19 min. This is a digital download.


Alpha Synapses Programming™

Was devleloped by Lissy Götz, a German computer programmer turned healer, from the Black Forest. I am one of the first certified practitioners and teachers of Alpha Synapses Programming in Europe and there is no one in the US yet, as far as I know.

Alpha Synapses Programming™ is an healing system that uses language and energy for transformation and integrates ancient healing traditions like that of the Mayans with modern science.It has a transformational effect on our chakras, acupuncture points, the body systems, and on our brain synapses. I combine it also with my intuitive guidance, often channeling information in an audio session pertaining to the topic and its energy field.

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